Payment rails for enterprise blockchain

Use the public blockchain in production without exposure to cryptocurrency!

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Upgrade your payments to Web3 standards with digital smart contracts.

Provide Payments is a modern payment rails solution that brings Web3 intelligence and automation to secure payments today. Designed for technology futurists, this payment rails harnesses the power of the next generation of the web, called Web3—where an internet based on trust and transparency with shared data removes friction from business processes, where users control their own data, and where markets prosper from network efficiency and security.

  • Verify users

    Create & verify users

    Users can create and verify their identity using state-of-the-art digitized KYC and AML services.

  • Set banking preferences

    Set banking preferences

    Users connect bank accounts via ACH and select payment preferences from 23 currencies and 9 cryptocurrencies.

  • contract

    Create digital payment contracts

    Users select from digital contract templates and configure terms and dependencies based on real-world events.

Web3 benefits
Flat rate fee

Smart payments, smart money

Enjoy ultra low fees for transferring money around the globe immediately. Provide Payments charges a flat 1% fee for settlements to bank accounts only. Transactions freely accrue in channels at no cost.

Provide Payments

The Provide Payments service is built for enterprises who are modernizing their infrastructure to Web3 intelligence and automation.

  • Payments on a single, scalable platform

    Payments on a single, scalable platform

    Using Provide Payments, you have instant access to all major currencies and 9 leading cryptocurrencies to transfer around the world.

  • Extensible and customizable platform

    Extensible and customizable platform to fit your business.

    Expand on the pre-built contracts and APIs to cover any transaction or event scenario.

  • Secure, globally compatible payment platform

    Secure, globally compatible payment platform.

    Users securely store and share their own identity anywhere in the world, meaning you are compliant with GDPR and CCPA regulations.

Micropayments are here

Micropayments strategies traditionally fail due to steep fees or impractical digital currencies. However, with the advent of blockchain and improved digital payments architecture, micropayments in real currencies are now possible. Learn how modern payment rails like Provide Payments enable micropayments that work in today’s world.

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Build your business on transparency and trust

As we work together to build the new digital economy, transparency is paramount across multi-party transactions. Customers and suppliers want visibility into the provenance of their goods and services, and a clear understanding of fair trade practices. Digitization of these processes today means we can share that information securely, and build trust that contracts will be honored as they are encoded.

Provide Payments can help you build transparency and trust into the core of your business commerce.

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